MT use in the news

News about people using machine translation in everyday life.

25 February 2019: Another article about doctors using Google Translate in the Daily Mail, though it’s taken mostly from this article in the University of California San Francisco’s news center. Brings up many questions about when and where MT should be used.

8 November 2018: Here’s a fun one! And I’ve been meaning to start a hashtag about bad uses for MT so this gave me an excuse to start #MTusedwrong. Brought to you by Moravia: Eight of the Most Bizarre Machine Translation Fails of 2018

29 October 2018: A short time ago this article Doctors are cautioned against using Google Translate in consultations was going around Twitter. The article was published by The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) and advised doctors to use extreme caution in using Google Translate in clinical practice. I dug further, to the study that eventually sparked this caution: Doctors choose Google Translate to communicate with patients because of easy access.

25 September 2018, this BBC News article is fairly down-to-earth, outlining some of the problems and also solutions in MT. It also includes an interesting finding from a British Council survey: 2/3 of 16-34 year-olds use translation apps while traveling: How translation apps iron out embarrassing gaffes

A few Microsoft articles that I found interesting:

TAUS’s eLearning blogs, 12 September 2018: My own blog on users of FAUT (fully automated useful translation) MT

Tech Times, 17 June 2018Judge Says That Google Translate Can’t Be Used To Authorize Police Search

Popula: Machine Translation Work is being done, but a machine is doing it; I have a translation, but where is the translator?

BBC News, 30 July 2018: Google Translate serves up ‘scummy Welsh’ translation

edscoop: Schools find a classroom translation tool has benefits for reaching parents, too

A few different stories of MT use during the World Cup:

Moravia blog on chat+MT: What Facebook Messenger Chat Translation Means for Global Brands

LinkedIn Engineering: Dynamic Machine Translation in the LinkedIn Feed

Common Sense Advisory: When Support Becomes a Multilingual Conversation

Jake Miller on using Google Translate in Excel: Translate in Google Sheets

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