Welcome to MT Stories! What is it? Simply a collection of stories about how people use machine translation. If you want to read the stories in a shorter form or simply keep up with new stories, join the MT Stories Facebook group.

They shared a father, but not a childhood nor a language. But nowadays Rebekka and her Russian sisters chat often through machine translation.

Patent professionals use machine translation on a daily basis to read patents in other languages. 

Nora uses machine translation to get around, shop, and communicate with people in her travels.

Eeva used the Google Translate app to communicate with her son during his first weeks in his new home in Finland.

Gustav feels he can contribute more in his work environment by using machine translation.

“Whatever else happens, I want these kids to feel like they are understood.” Julia’s take on why she uses Google Translate in her fourth-grade classroom.

Helmuth colloborates in academic issues over e-mail and uses MT (with a bit of post-editing) to speed up his writing process and allow him to write better-quality messages.

Besides working with MT as a highly experienced MT developer, Gary also uses online MT to read Chinese spam.

“Nowadays it seems more acceptable for the purposes I use it for.” Read Krista’s story

Anne Google-translates old Italian arias and not-quite-as-old German lieder to help her get inside of classical songs she is learning.

Dr. C. Koby is a 1971 scientist who machine translates Russian articles in his field of physics.

Pirkko, an avid tennis and biathlon fan, follows Rafael Nadal and Martin Fourcade in Facebook through Facebook’s Translate this post feature.

Max used Google Translate when his company acquired a factory in Brazil and he needed to understand Portuguese texts.

Jani gets technical information on cars that he is interested in buying from Sweden and Germany using Google Translate.

Gus lives in Finland and uses a combination of Text Fairy and the Google Translate in his phone to capture official texts and translate them into English.

Mary used the Google Translate app in her phone to scan a book in Russian to see if it might have a study she was looking for.

Note: Why do I call them stories? More on that here: About MT Stories

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  1. Rebecca

    You should have a section on funny mistakes and misunderstandings that have occurred because of MTs. You could call it “Translation Bloopers”. THAT would be entertaining!



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